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Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Painting is an important art form and it depicts the innermost thoughts, feelings and expressions of the painter. Painting, in its customary terms, means applying colors to a base surface. Painting is usually done, but not necessarily, with paints and brushes; there are other types too including crayons or oil pastels.

Painting is not just the application of different colors on a white canvas; it is the emotions of the painter which are reflected in those colors and the feeling put in making it. Whatever the artist sees, observes, comprehends or feels is put in colors. It is this innermost spirit that makes painting a true art form.


The basic modes of painting are water paints, pastels and oil paints. Most artists use these methods and among them too, oil paints are most popular. While water colors get dull upon drying up, pastels, if not laminated, can smudge on slightest touch. Oil paints give a fine finish but take too long to dry. Acrylic paints, on the other hand, are fast drying colors and are water resistant too. Other painting approaches involve using ink dyes, enamel, sprays, gouache, tempera, fresco and hot wax. Currently painters have lots of tools and styles of painting to choose from; one of the modern tools is the metal paint tube.

Abstract  painting

Painting, as an art form, can be categorized into five basic types. Landscape painting; it shows outdoor scenes with every acute detail, portrait or figurative; paints animal or human figure and shows their moods along with features, still life; shows objects and items, real life painting; apprehends life in action and religious art; it delivers some religious message or expression of faith.

As far as expressions are concerned, there are several genres painters use to deliver their message. One of the most beautiful painting styles is the abstract one which does not paint any defined images or objects; rather, it is just a blend of colors and shapes the artist use to reflect his thoughts. Abstract painting is concerned with the essence of the subject. It started in the 19th century.

Art Supplies

Realism is another genre in painting. The artist paints such that the picture looks very close to real when seen from some distance. For this reason, this art genre is also called real art. Painterly is close to real art except that it over uses the colors than in real subject. On the other hand, Expressionism and Fauvism genre is opposed to real art; it uses colors that fit the mood or the emotion that is reflected.

The history of painting and art is as old as man himself. Drawings and paintings have been used as a means of communication in medieval era. As modes of painting improved, it was adopted as an important leisure time activity as well as occupation. People started using it for decoration purposes; pots, wall hangings and even weapons were painting to make them look elegant and beautiful. In times of wars and difficulties, painting has been used to express what words can never say. So, painting has always remained to be an important expression for people.

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The liberty of expression and action painting offers to the artist, it has grown to be one of the most favorite activities of people throughout the world.