Canvas Painting: Explore Your Imagination

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

From the caves to the canvas, thus history has recorded the evidence of painting till date. To put it quite precisely, any painting of any age reflects the socio-cultural scenario of the given period. With the roll of time, painting has been excelling going through multiple changes.

The History of Canvas:
During the early Renaissance, Italian artists first coined the term canvas and the use of canvas became popular. The word canvas has derived from an Arabic word “Cannabis”.  It was originally made from hemp. Later on artists found the medium convenient for oil paints.

Canvas Painting

In early 20th century a revolutionary change occurred as the cotton duck canvas came into existence. India, China, and Afghanistan are some of the leading countries where artists prefer this medium to enjoy their brush strokes. However, now canvas has become the popular medium for art work.

An emblem of Aesthetic Taste:
There was a time when painting was mainly preserved for the historical interests. With the passage of time, painting has become a symbol of aesthetic taste. Now, people buy paintings to decorate their living space. Paintings are no longer the luxury of aristocrats. Individuals are going to visit the exhibition of oil paintings some of them buy the attractive canvas painting to adorn the walls of their living space. A beautiful painting hanging on the walls adds life to the interior and makes you feel oomph.

Painting on CanvasOil Painting versus Water Colour:
Canvas is great medium for oil painting and the popularity of the medium is increasing because of multiple factors. The major advantage of canvas is that it is durable and the painting on it will remain unaffected for many a year. For this reason artists choose this medium to give vent of their inner most expression. Painting on a canvas gives you a childish delight, for you have every option to rectify the canvas if you are not satisfied with the works. Earlier water colour was the craze among the artists. However, there are certain issues with water colour that often cause problems. For example, water colour will not allow you to rectify the painting once it is done. You need to be extra careful while running your brush across the medium. With oil painting, you are not likely to deal with such problems. Most importantly your painting remains as fresh as ever even after several years and you can repair them as the colour loses its original gloss.

Gouache Painting is a New Craze:
In recent times famous designers are using the medium to explore different styles and procedure. Gouache painting is one of them. The ample use of white along with other colours makes the painting all vivid and stunning. One of major advantages of canvas painting is that it will allow you to treat the subject in detail.

Commercialization of Canvas Painting:
With the commercialization of painting, many professional painters are using the medium to reproduce the greatest paintings of all ages. Vinci’s Monalisa, Raphael’s Madonna, Picasso’s cubistic art forms, Gough’s portrait are being reproduced and sold in the market. Marketers are claiming that the paintings possess museum quality.

Water Colour

Have Fun with Acrylic:
There has been enough experiment with oil painting on canvas. Nowadays, painters are using the medium to attempt acrylic. However, one requires the understanding of perspective and the knowledge of colour density. If you have the required knowledge on such aspects, you may give it try. Dabble with colours and have the fun. Who knows your experimentation will give birth of beauty.

Charcoal Painting:
There is a huge demand of charcoal painting in the present time. Black and white shade on a blank canvas is all time fascination of the art connoisseur. The beautiful application of charcoal can be an effective style on the canvas as it exudes a classy look all the way. Charcoal painting is indeed a vintage technique of art and the style demands great skill from the artists. If you have the required skill to etch with charcoal, consider canvas the best medium for this luxury.

Canvas On Demand3D Art:
Professional painters are nowadays focussing on 3D art. An embossed art work with three dimensional look grabs the eyeballs at once. Canvas is the ideal medium to explore the possibilities of 3D art.

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