Painting - A Hidden Vision of Artist

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Art is not restricted to painting in the modern world especially when photography and modern art made their grand entrance as investable items. Personalized art is now enjoying the same fame. Art junkies would rather purchase budget friendly personalized art pieces than an expensive painting of a red dot on a white canvas that is the work of a famous artist.

Paint Brush

For example, art enthusiasts are now investing in the following types of art pieces
Giclee is a process of creating fine art prints from digital sources. The image is then printed on a canvas for display purposes. How do vendors manage to do that? The process involves printing an original photograph onto canvas by using an inkjet printer.

The effect of a digitally enhanced print on canvas is astounding and makes more of a statement than traditional paintings. Such canvas prints are also easy to store since they can be made into gallery wrap, rolled or mounted.

Vintage ArtMurals
A mural is a work of art that has been applied to a large surface or wall. In other words, they are in the form of images that have been enlarged to epic proportions. This is why they come with tacks or hook holes in order to make it easier for customers to fix them on surfaces.

Vintage Art
When one thinks of the word “vintage” what comes to mind are times ages past. Vintage art incorporates this concept. A vintage print might exhibit what defined a certain time in history. Art pieces that depict vintage advertisements are especially popular with art enthusiasts for this very reason like a women’s lib advertisement print that paved the way for working women during the post-war periods.

This is also why most vintage print ads focus on women since the fairer sex was responsible for purchasing groceries or other household items.

Decorative Art
As the name implies decorative art is designed to be displayed to compliment a room. For example, even a print of decorative art that depicts falling snow in all it splendor can compliment a living room with a white motif.

Canvas Print

Canvas Prints
Like giclees, canvas print art is also created by printing an image onto a canvas. The end product can either be stretched or displayed on a loose canvas. The former looks exactly as if the image was painted on the canvas itself.

Canvas painting is a quick and easy way for artists to turn photographs or images into works of art. The cost depends on the quality and size of the canvas that is to be used. For example, a higher quality canvas will be more expensive since the print will last longer on it than on a regular canvas. The same goes for orders on which sealants have been applied. These sealants are manufactured to prevent prints from getting damaged from moisture or aging.

As far as the size of the frame is concerned, canvas frames usually come in a variety of A4 to A0 sizes. As expected the price of a frame would increase as the size does. A larger print would also require a sturdier frame as well as a larger one.

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