Smart Living: Creative Home Decor with Art

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

There was a time when art was considered to be the luxury of the aristocrats. Historical palaces are scattered with awe-inspiring huge oil paintings, decorative arts. This legacy has somehow sipped into our social psychology that a person who has a ‘taste’ in fine arts is a class apart. Other than the artistic perspective, fine art has always been a part of individual identity and it can still be seen today. You must have seen some kind of art work at someone’s home and you must have deduced a basic idea of his personality. This legacy of self-presentation has gained huge popularity with time. From the time of kings, having their portrait made, to the Rock Band posters in todays teenager’s room, art has always evoked one’s personality. Up to a time, great art works were confined to those people who had money. In a way, a great piece of art was isolated from thousands of admirers.

Decorative ArtsNew technologies have given a massive chance to the people to show off their ‘self’ through art. The advent of posters, framed arts, print arts, giclee have given people the chance to express their self by putting up an art work. This inclination has opened up various avenues. People now have the liberty to show off their ‘taste’. And when it comes to showing off what is better than a home? Poster art, print art, giclee etc. have made their way to the drawing rooms; thanks to the people who inspired those technical inventions.

When it comes to decorating homes, people are taking a different path. They are going for the art work to stand apart from the traditional home decor. Art has taken the space on the wall.

Framed art is very commonly seen; it can be a photo or a painting, sketch which is framed and hung on the wall. The first of its kind was found in an Egyptian tomb which belongs to 2nd century A.D. This legacy does add something to your drawing room, isn’t it? It has been an age old tradition to adorn a wall with framed art.

Have you ever been a fan of rock music? Then, you must have had some posters of your favourite rock star or at least a film star? Posters are still a rage among the young generation and it has already made its way as a decorative piece on the wall. Poster is a printed piece of paper that includes textual and graphic elements. It gives out a strong, passionate yet different vibe. Anything, starting from quotes of great people, to favourite film posters, every thing can be represented as an artwork. Think about your wall boasting Saul Bass’s enigmatic poster of The Shining. Well, the poster should reflect your personality.

Oil Paintings

Giclee is comparative a new addition in home decor. This technology is used by artistes to reproduce their 2D painting with the same colour vibe and originality. Giclee has given people the chance to vaunt a great art by master artist at a relatively low price. You can have the available paintings at your disposal to beautify your cosy corner.

Another way you can grace your room with great art; that is Art print. It is slightly different from giclee. It is the process of reproducing an artwork many times; but the fun is, each piece of print is considered an original not a copy. Well, it gives you the pleasure of donning an original artwork up on your wall.

Framed Art

Smart living has inspired various creative ideas to decorate your home. Starting from creative architectures to room decor, people are trying out several things to create their dream home. Art has just pepped that up.


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Make your home a representation of your self. A piece of art can really do wonders.